HOA Landscape Transformation

Motivate Your Community to Save Water Outdoors!


Replace high water-use plants and/or turf with native, desert-adapted, low water-use plants!

As a result of substantial interest in landscape water conservation from Homeowner’s Associations, City of Tucson Water and the University of Arizona/Pima County Cooperative Extension/Smartscape program have developed the Tucson HOA Landscape Transformation Incentive Program. HOAs typically manage large landscaped common areas in residential neighborhoods.  Since water used in the landscape is the ONLY water that cannot be recycled, this presents a unique opportunity for significant reductions in water use. Your community can reap many benefits by retrofitting these areas to sustainable, resilient landscapes with native and/or desert-adapted plants that are maintained using Smartscape best management practices.

If you are interested in residential landscape water conservation, you can start learning by attending our free classes for residential customers and/or by accessing our online educational resources.  You can register for the residential classes regardless of whether or not your HOA is interested in applying for the transformation program.

Click on the FAQs, below, to learn about the Tucson HOA Landscape Transformation Incentive Program!