Application Process



This program is for Tucson Water HOA commercial customers with the goal of reducing potable and reclaimed water-use in the landscape.  It is for HOA communities with predominantly high water-use plants and turf in their common areas that plan to replace them with low water-use plants. Funding is for offsetting costs for a completed Landscape Transformation Design Plan that will be used to implement this transformation.

This program is NOT for:

  • Irrigation repair or upgrades on a stand-alone basis
  • Upgrades in household metering or fixtures
  • Pools/fountains
  • Landscapes and irrigation systems that use water from private wells

If the applicant/board have not yet reviewed the program information, please do so here.

If the board has questions, please email

Before initiating the application process, please ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • The HOA must be a City of Tucson Water commercial customer.
  • The HOA must plan to replace high water-use plants and/or turf with low water-use plants (funding is released when Landscape Transformation Design Plan is complete).
  • Any communication or requests on behalf of the HOA must be by an individual or entity that is authorized by the HOA to represent the HOA.


  • STEP ONE - Attend Required HOA Course

    • Anyone who is interested may attend the Smartscape 3-part HOA Landscape Transformation Education Course (registration will be available when applications are again being accepted).  Before an HOA can move to step three, at least one HOA representative/board member must attend the course in order to be able to explain the program to the board before voting to apply.  
  • STEP TWO - Board Authorized Representative Requests Water Consumption Report
    • ​​​​​​​Tucson Water will provide a review of your HOA's common area water consumption at no charge. They gather water use data from all meters on the property, identify trends and anomalies, and make conservation recommendations for the property. In some cases, they will determine that the property may benefit from an on-site water audit.  Note: to request a water consumption review for your HOA you need to be authorized on the account and/or provide documentation that you are acting on behalf of the HOA board.

  • STEP THREE - Send Board Minutes & Water Consumption Report to Smartscape. 
    • When the Water Consumption Report has been received from Tucson Water and reviewed by the HOA board, please send BOTH:

      • (1) a copy of the water consumption report, and
      • (2) a copy of Board minutes showing that application for participation in the Tucson HOA Landscape Transformation Program is an action item that has been approved at an official board meeting of the HOA to
  • STEP FOUR - Complete Formal Application
    • ​​​​​​​Once the board minutes and consumption report have been received, a formal application for participation in the Tucson HOA Landscape Transformation Program will be sent to the authorized HOA applicant.
  • STEP FIVE - Application Review
    • ​​​​​​​The application will be reviewed, and the HOA contacted with:

      • Acceptance and program toolkit and/or
      • A request for more information